Why Mediate?

· Conversations between people in dispute may not take place outside of mediation setting. Sometimes, we conduct a mediation and the parties are literally running it themselves. Couldn’t they have done that without a mediator? Sure … but they didn’t. Just being in a mediation helps get things started.

· Trying to resolve a conflict without a mediator can begin with “hard bargaining” or “posturing.” You don’t want to show the other side your weakness, right? In mediation, the focus is entirely different and the goal is productive conversation and collaborative work towards settlement.

· Being in mediation helps people to keep their attention on the issue rather than on the distractions of the outside world.

· We encourage participants to be open, honest, and to speak their minds. But also important is LISTENING. Opportunities for common ground are more easily identified when ideas are shared.

· Mediation allows for agreement to be “built” because options are discussed together. Good ideas are made even better and “not-so-good” ideas are set aside.

· Sometimes just talking about your side helps to clarify your own thoughts. There’s a big difference between keeping your thoughts and emotions inside versus forming words and speaking them out loud for others to hear.

· Mediation moves people from developing reasons to support their position (bogs down) … to identifying their interests (understanding) … to developing options for resolution (moving forward)!

Mediation Works!

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