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4. Humanity

26 Sep

I can vouch for this from my own experience from mediations.

Fixing Feedback Failures

22 Aug

What happens inside your brain when someone gives you feedback?

Preparing Students for Workplace Conflict

8 Aug

I just love Ms. Jonas, the English teacher at ACE Charter High School in Reno. She is an innovator who teaches job related scenarios and skills needed to address them.

What’s Your Hottest Hot Button?

13 Jun

Did you know that there are nine common conflict “hot buttons?” You can take an online test (thanks to the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College) to find out which behavior(s) in other people irk you the most. Which will it be?

Encouraging a “Speak-Up” Culture

2 May

Most of us have been there. No one says a word at meeting, even at the end when there’s one last request for questions or comments. Then everyone leaves and the chatter starts. Ideas, feedback, criticism are shared in small groups. What’s the best way to encourage a “speak up” culture when everyone is together?

Walk the Talk

25 Jan

Ever you ever thought about having a meeting while walking instead of sitting?

What Are You Missing-Out On By Not Asking?

21 Jan

I always enjoy having lunch with my friend, Andrea, because she’s been a “big boss” at a big company, and she always has lots of valuable insight about ways to resolve conflict at work (in fact, I wish she had been MY boss when I used to work full-time!).

Millenials–Conflict Resolution Specialists?

14 Jan

I’ve learned a lot about Millenials lately. As a producer for a current events T.V. show, our next installment focuses on Millenials in the Workplace, and as a conflict resolution specialist, I took a keen interest in learning how Millenials handle conflict, especially in the workplace.

5 Questions

14 Dec

Questions. The more I spend time in the field of conflict resolution, the more important they become to me.

When Is Human Resources the Only Option?

3 Dec

Many of you probably know by now I’m a HUGE fan of working things out between individuals before getting a third party involved. But, when it comes to conflict in the workplace, when is it time to get Human Resources involved?