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Hitting P A U S E

8 May

You’ve just been hit with a fistful of words and your immediate reaction is to hit back with a barrage of your own.

Dear Teen: You Have Lost Your Mind

14 Nov

One of the favorite things about traveling with clients is spending time together and sharing stories. That’s how I heard this one.

Fixing Feedback Failures

22 Aug

What happens inside your brain when someone gives you feedback?

I thought we were friends!

15 Aug

Funny those things from your childhood that you remember. My mom always said that “friend’ was an overused word in the English language. It turns out that she may be right.

Preparing Students for Workplace Conflict

8 Aug

I just love Ms. Jonas, the English teacher at ACE Charter High School in Reno. She is an innovator who teaches job related scenarios and skills needed to address them.

What’s Your Hottest Hot Button?

13 Jun

Did you know that there are nine common conflict “hot buttons?” You can take an online test (thanks to the Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College) to find out which behavior(s) in other people irk you the most. Which will it be?

Finding Hope After Loss

18 Apr

Conflict often involves loss … loss of trust, a future together, a friendship, even loss of life.

What do Clothes have to do with Dinner Together?

21 Mar

“How Asking 5 Questions Allowed Me to Eat Dinner with My Kids”


7 Mar

I have two nieces getting married this summer and naturally, they are very excited – creating wedding websites and making plans. And I certainly don’t want to rain on their special day …

It’s Exhausting …

8 Feb

It’s exhausting! … I heard this phrase twice last week.