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Why are Americans Tired?

14 Mar

Being a lobbyist means that people you know (or have just met) want to talk politics with you, which I am happy to do … because I want to know what people are thinking and why.

What Does Trump’s Popularity Say About Conflict?

22 Oct

Every morning, I start my day like most Americans–by checking my cell phone for the latest news and weather. I especially like the AP wire, probably because it’s my old friend from my newsroom days. And, although coverage has “died down” a bit lately, for a while, all I was reading about was Donald Trump.

One Nation … Indivisible

6 Jul

Over the weekend, we celebrated the 4th of July … a time to reflect on our nation and our heritage, in addition to eating a hot dog or 2. And while enjoying an extra day off, I wondered … how on earth did our forefathers arrive at the structure for our government?

Taking Sides is the Easy Part

5 Jan

Taking sides in a conflict, no matter what it is, is the easiest part.  Moving beyond it is hard.

One Relationship at a Time

6 Oct

I was on vacation last week and had more time to watch the news than usual. Gosh, it’s so hard to watch the news sometimes. So much strife going on in the world. So, I thought it was time to write about a wonderful project that works on planting ‘seeds of peace.’

It’s about the children

1 Sep

The first time I heard this story, I hadn’t taken mediation training yet. Now I can appreciate it sooo much more.  Please hang in there with me … it’s worth it.

Elect Mediators to Public Office

24 Feb

Are you frustrated with the polarization that characterizes our political environment? Do you think that elected officials should set aside their partisan approach and work together to address our nation’s challenges?

Thank-you Bernie Anderson

20 Jan

It was with a heavy heart that I read about the passing of Assemblyman Bernie Anderson earlier this month.

Congress: Now is the Perfect Time

21 Oct

Dear Congress: Have you read the letters to the editor or heard the conversations in line at the store? I have.

A Cup of Joe for Inspiration

10 Oct

Here’s a quick Thursday brain-teaser for you–what does coffee have to do with politics?