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How Deep Should You Prod?

29 Sep

Being a journalist-turned-therapist, “WHY” is one of my all-time favorite questions. It’s the fastest way to get to the heart of the matter, and it makes people think about their motivations, their feelings, and their concerns all at once.

Half a Loaf

26 Oct

OK … so, I’m an ‘A’ type personality.

When Impasse isn’t a Failure

28 Sep

I have heard several judges talk about the value of mediation. And most often it’s about the benefits of having parties sit down prior to going to court and coming to an agreement.

Collaboration Vs. Compromise–Which One is Better?

3 Sep

We mediators love to talk about “collaboration” and “compromise,” but what’s the difference between the two? And, moreover, which one is better when you’re in the midst of a conflict?

This Conversation May be Recorded to Ensure Quality

31 Aug

“This conversation may be recorded to ensure quality.” We’ve all heard that phrase before when we are about to be connected with customer service or a help line of some sort. But I never really thought about what it might mean.

Getting Apart Together

27 Apr

So, you’ve figured out that being together isn’t in your future anymore and it’s time to undo your relationship. That can be complicated.

Double Binds-Double Trouble

19 Mar

I’ve been meaning to write a blog about “double binds” for a while now, and, recently had an experience that inspired me to do it-finally!

Behind Every Complaint…

12 Feb

We live in the age of catchy, pithy phrases that usually don’t amount to much substance (conscientious uncoupling?), but I came across one lately that seemed to actually be worthwhile.

Shh … it’s a secret!

2 Feb

I wish that a 40 hour mediation class was required to become a parent, boss, team member, husband, wife, neighbor … heck for just about any role in life.  Why?

Never Underestimate the Transition Blues

29 Jan

I have a lot of personal experience with transition–I’ve lived in eight states (including the “foreign” island state of Hawaii and two countries), and I can say with certainty that, however exciting change can be, it’s also extraordinarily stressful.