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Hitting P A U S E

8 May

You’ve just been hit with a fistful of words and your immediate reaction is to hit back with a barrage of your own.

What happened to respectful dialogue?

30 Jan

It’s tiring …

The Courage to Listen

23 Jan

I remember where I was on January 28, 1986.

Attention All Multi-Taskers — How Attentive Are You?

8 Dec

I used to call myself a multi-tasker (and was very proud of this term). As a Mom, wife, therapist, chauffer, chef, maid, etc., I used to think I could do it all — and all at the same time.

To What, Exactly, Are We Reacting?

1 Dec

As a former Communications major in college (and now as a therapist), my entire life has centered around how and why we speak to each other. So, it’s always a joyous part of my work when I can spend time with my clients talking about communication.