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What’s Your “Theory”?

24 Aug

You may have heard about the importance of the “developmental” years (around ages 5-12) and wondered what they mean. What are we “developing” exactly?! Turns out, these years are when we develop our basic “theories” about the world – Is the world safe or scary? Are people generally trustworthy or untrustworthy? Are we capable or […]

“Even If… That Doesn’t Mean…

4 May

Inner conflict is one of the toughest battles to fight – after all, when we have an inner conflict, we can’t blame someone else or schedule a fist fight in the parking lot. Instead, it’s up to us and us alone to figure things out. And, that can be a tall order.

Rewiring Your Brain

9 May

Do you have a bad habit that you want to get rid of? Reaching for the chocolate when stress builds?  Or smoking after a meal? Perhaps you want to go to the gym on weekend mornings instead of sleeping in?

Are You At a Five or a Ten?

28 Apr

I’ve always liked numbers. They seem certain and definite, and we all have “associated” feelings with them. For example, if a waiter asked you which spicy rating you would like your vindaloo, you might say a “3” if you don’t want it that spicy or tell him “9” if you’re ready to have your mouth […]

Finding Hope After Loss

18 Apr

Conflict often involves loss … loss of trust, a future together, a friendship, even loss of life.

What lies beneath?

4 Apr

ANGER – we sure are seeing a lot of it these days – just turn on the TV for a few minutes. What does it all mean?

Is Being Decisive Good or Bad?

31 Mar

I’ve always felt better when things are “black and white.” And, according to the research, most of us appreciate “closure” or decisiveness and feel less anxious when things are certain. But, since I’m a therapist, I’ve trained myself to tolerate feel O.K. in the “gray” area and help others who don’t like that in-between place, […]

It’s Exhausting …

8 Feb

It’s exhausting! … I heard this phrase twice last week.

F. E. A. R.

4 Feb

Fear–we all have it. Some of us have more. Some of us have less. But, being afraid is part of the human condition, whether we like it or not. But, when was the last time you tried to define it? I have to admit, even in my role as a therapist, I’ve rarely asked my […]

One Text at a Time

1 Feb

Texting often gets a bad name – it’s impersonal or distracting. It occupies some young people’s time way too much. With all of that bad rap, have you ever thought that texting could be life-saving?