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Second Chances–Do We Need Them?

24 Sep

Thank goodness for second chances! If no one gave me a second chance (in relationships, at work, etc.), I sometimes wonder where I would be. So, it’s always shocking to me how many people I meet don’t believe in second chances–at all.

Do It Right the First Time

23 Jul

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read about Ariana Grande’s latest flub a couple weeks ago. But, it did give me something on which to reflect, so I say “thank you, Ariana!”

Out With the Old…

1 Jan

It’s 2015!!! I love the thought of a New Year. I can’t help but think of all the “new” things associated with it: new possibilities, new adventures, and new challenges.

Happy Conflict Resolution Day!

16 Oct

It’s the third week in October, and that means one thing: It’s Conflict Resolution Day!

The Ugly Side of Apology

9 Oct

I had a new experience the other day–and, it wasn’t pleasant. I actually had an apology ungraciously  rejected…and it felt really bad. Really bad.

Innocent Bystanders

17 Jul

Since children seem to grow up so fast these days, it’s hard to remember that they’re still…well…children. And, children absorb EVERYTHING around them, including conflict.

Apology Accepted

22 May

After all this time providing therapy and facilitating mediations, a few things still surprise me. Chief among them is the difficulty for so many to simply say: I’m sorry.

If My 4 Year-Old Can Do It…

6 Feb

I think we can all agree…asking for forgiveness is pretty hard. In fact, I’ve only recently learned how to do it (I’m pushing 40, but the way).

Try it on for Size

3 Feb

Sometimes the future seems so far away … especially when you have to make a decision today that will affect you for a long time to come. Take, for example, coming up a parenting/custody plan with your ‘soon to be ex-spouse’ regarding your child who is only a toddler.  It might seem overwhelming to put […]

It’s Not Too Late to Resolve That Holiday Conflict!

2 Jan

I just re-read Jeanette’s post about holiday conflict–and, my efforts get a B- I think! Here are a few more tips for handling that holiday conflict, just in case you need some help rounding out 2013, courtesy of the Neighborhood Mediation Center.