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Who Comes First? It Matters…

23 Mar

When I counsel couples in my practice, I always try and get a “feel” for who gets what priority in the family. Are spouses each other’s priority? Or do the kids come first? Most importantly, what is the family structure, and are things a bit wonky?

Is Role Confusion Ruining Your Relationships?

2 Mar

These days, the word “role” can garner a pretty negative reaction – few of us like being defined by anything, much less a “role” we’re supposed to play in our relationships. But, the mental health community agrees – roles can actually be pretty useful, as long as they’re healthy.

Who Makes the “Best” Parent?

9 Feb

When I work with families, the subject of parenting is definitely a hot topic! I’m often asked questions like, “Should both parents work outside the home?” “What’s better – quality time or more time in general?” “Should Dad be more involved in his childrens’ lives”

How To “Undramatically” Back-Out of Drama

2 Feb

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of “drama” you just can’t seem to escape? If you’re like a lot of my clients, you may be involved in family drama, friend drama, or (my favorite) relationship drama, some of which just seems to constantly revolve around you.

Do As I Do, Not As I Say?

26 Jan

Did anyone else grow up hearing the phrase, “Do as I say – NOT as I do?” If so, we’re definitely not alone! That’s how parents used to justify their not-so-great behavior in front of children. Even today, we parents are tempted to take a “Do as I say…” approach when we’re doing a whole […]

Why Are We Nicer To Strangers Than Our Loved Ones?

15 Sep

As many of you know, I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to become a decent tennis player, and now the moment has come when I know all hope is lost: My 12 year-old can play me under the table.

How and Why Pets Can Increase Conflict

18 Aug

When I first started my research for this post, my original thought was: Pets must reduce conflict because they reduce anxiety (in general). In fact, in our home, our new Chihuahau, “Nacho,” has significantly reduced conflict between my children, since they now have a distraction from their favorite pasttime (arguing with one another).

One Simple Question

1 Aug

I happened across the teachings of a Vietnamese monk recently as part of an online search of something entirely unrelated. Fortunately, I had a few moments to light on that page and I found a question.

What do Clothes have to do with Dinner Together?

21 Mar

“How Asking 5 Questions Allowed Me to Eat Dinner with My Kids”

Change Your Mindset This Christmas Eve

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Eve readers! For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And, for those who celebrate another holiday, I hope you’re enjoying the day-off from work!