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Is “Math Anxiety” Contagious?

24 Oct

Lots of parents help their kids with homework and projects.

It’s Never Too Early To Teach Peace

21 Dec

Christmas is almost here. It’s the season of peace and yet the world doesn’t feel like a very peaceful place.

Plays Well With Others

9 Nov

Ah – remember being graded in kindergarten about your social skills? Did you play well with others?

Buddy Bench

24 Mar

I don’t get to watch the news much anymore … but when I saw this story I just had to write about it.

It’s Never Too Early

27 Feb

After reading Jeanette’s blog Monday about more mediators in public office, it got me thinking about where else mediators may be helpful–and schools came to mind.

The Bug & the Wish

27 Jan

Teaching children conflict resolution skills is probably one of the most important contributions that we can make! So when I came across this idea … I just had to share.

The Peaceable School

15 Jul

First … I would like to thank my professional organization, the Nevada Dispute Resolution Coalition (NDRC), for promoting its mission in such a proactive way. Last week, NDRC awarded a full scholarship to attend the 40 Hour Beginning Mediation Class offered at UNR Extended Studies next month to Amy Chatowsky, a teacher with the Washoe County School District. […]