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Trade Up Or Trade Down?

18 Jan

What better time than a new year to talk about problems?! Sure, it’s not the most comfortable topic for most. But, I’m on a one-woman mission to change that.

Are We Too Fragile for Conflict?

10 Nov

I have to laugh at some of the new proposed laws popping up around the country – in one state, lawmakers are trying to outlaw swings at playgrounds because they’re dangerous. In another, children were nearly banned without an adult because they could fall down stairs.  In yet another, a Mom was nearly arrested for letting […]

What Is Your Happiness “Set Point”?

27 Jul

Did you know you have a happiness “set point”? I didn’t either, til recently. Turns out, researchers have been studying the subject and have found that about 50% of our happiness is genetically-set, and about 50% comes from our environment and experiences.

What’s in Your Chest of Drawers?

13 Jul

I’ll never forget trying to leave the house when my third child was an infant – as I started to walk out the door, I noticed he was crying (the “I need you now!” cry), and I hesitated to see how quickly my husband would respond. Turns out, he was putting groceries away at that […]

Can a Great Relationship Shield You From Negativity?

8 Jun

The research is clear: Being in a satisfying relationship can predispose you to all sorts of wonderful things. For example, those who report high relationship satisfaction tend to live longer, have a better job, and have lower stress. However, the flip-side is also true: Those who report low relationship satisfaction report poorer health, bad job […]

When Is Conflict Worth It?

25 May

Have you ever been around someone who creates conflict even over the smallest events or problems? It’s as if this person might be hunting for conflict or complaint and seizes on every opportunity to “have it out.”

Are You Having A.R.E. Discussions? Why You Should

27 Apr

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone – only to discover a)he/she isn’t listening at all 2) he/she is distracted by technology or c) he/she is already getting defensive even before you start to speak?

Facebook-You VS. the Real-You

9 Mar

We write a lot about conflict on our blog (it’s a conflict resolution blog, after all!). But, I fear we don’t pay enough attention to our inner conflicts – those that we fight in our heads and hearts.

Is Role Confusion Ruining Your Relationships?

2 Mar

These days, the word “role” can garner a pretty negative reaction – few of us like being defined by anything, much less a “role” we’re supposed to play in our relationships. But, the mental health community agrees – roles can actually be pretty useful, as long as they’re healthy.

The Irony Behind Much-Needed Affection

23 Feb

How many of you have dealt with a cranky child who’s in the midst of a tantrum? If you have a child over the age of 2, I imagine all of you have experienced a meltdown or two (or three, or four…).