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To Change Or Not To Change? That Is the Question!

27 Oct

After many years of counseling couples in my therapy office, I’ve learned to pick-up on different patterns, many of which are universal in so many of the couples I see.

How Deep Should You Prod?

29 Sep

Being a journalist-turned-therapist, “WHY” is one of my all-time favorite questions. It’s the fastest way to get to the heart of the matter, and it makes people think about their motivations, their feelings, and their concerns all at once.

Do You Always Take the “Leftovers”?

28 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my new “multi-generational” tennis class and the fantastic people I’ve met there. Well, one of those just happens to be my age (which is kind of a shocker), and, recently, she’s been dealing with ending her marriage.

Give A Little, Get A Little

1 Oct

Before I had children, I saw a woman with a T-shirt (and a young child clinging to her leg) that read: Only 14 hours ’til bedtime! Now, with three children of my own, I completely relate. Often, after a long day of putting everyone else’s needs first, Moms and Dads just need a “moment” And, […]

Second Chances–Do We Need Them?

24 Sep

Thank goodness for second chances! If no one gave me a second chance (in relationships, at work, etc.), I sometimes wonder where I would be. So, it’s always shocking to me how many people I meet don’t believe in second chances–at all.

Collaboration Vs. Compromise–Which One is Better?

3 Sep

We mediators love to talk about “collaboration” and “compromise,” but what’s the difference between the two? And, moreover, which one is better when you’re in the midst of a conflict?

What’s your starting point?

17 Aug

Often we are thrown together because we have some kind of problem that needs addressing.

Consensus – are we there yet?

3 Aug

Consensus is a an interesting word. The dictionary definition is “general agreement or concord or harmony” which seems pretty easy, yet how do you know that a group has arrived at consensus?

One Nation … Indivisible

6 Jul

Over the weekend, we celebrated the 4th of July … a time to reflect on our nation and our heritage, in addition to eating a hot dog or 2. And while enjoying an extra day off, I wondered … how on earth did our forefathers arrive at the structure for our government?

The “Other” Bill of Rights

25 Jun

Now that summer is upon us, my children and I have had a lot of “together” time, to say the least. And, as wonderous and adventuresome the time can be, it can also be a challenge, as my three children would all be considered “high-maintenance.”